Member of Parliament for
Harrow East

Andrew Percy MP

  • The Great British Tea Party Launch

    06 March 2017

    Bob hosted event to launch The Great British Chai Party, an initiative to address loneliness in the elderly population, as part of International Women’s Day celebrations in Parliament. The event was organised by Sushma Bhanot and Ravi Bhanot, Directors of Coolherbals ...

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  • Celebrating 25 Years of Chiropractic Clinics in the UK

    02 March 2017

    Bob hosted a celebration of 25 years of Chiropractic Clinics in the UK, which was organised by Dr. Lalit Sodha and his team in the presence of long standing supporters, patients and dignitaries at the House of Commons. It was attended by dignitaries including Conservati...

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  • Bordars Walk Interim Accomodation Project

    20 February 2017

    Ealing Council has formed a partnership with QED Sustainable Urban Developments Ltd to create 34 new accommodation units for local people in urgent housing need and they invited Bob to see the project first hand. The development provides studio, 1 and 2 bedroom emergenc...

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  • Indo-British APPG Trip to India

    18 February 2017

    Bob made a visit to India as part of a delegation of Members from the Indo-British All Party Parliamentary Group. He had the opportunity to meet the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, who called for raising a “collective voice” against terrorism, extremism and ...

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  • The Firm Foundation Night Shelter

    10 February 2017

    Bob paid a visit to the Firm Foundation night shelter in Harrow, which is run by a local charity and helps single homeless men through the coldest months of the year. Bob likes to visit the shelter every year t...

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