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Andrew Percy MP


Bob Blackman paid a visit to Aylward Primary School to meet the staff, the School Council and see the new facility for autistic children.

Bob discussed the success of the school academically and on the sporting field with staff and the children. The children showed off the ICT suite, their most popular classroom, and also demonstrated the work that they have done on their school web site. Bob challenged them to find his web site and navigate their way round it. Several children also reached the “They Work for You” site and read the speech that Bob had made only the previous day!


Bob was shown the brand new facilities for autistic children which will open shortly.

These are to provide appropriate specialist areas for children from a variety of schools.

Bob commented, “I enjoyed the challenging questions from the School Council and seeing the new facilities. I look forward to these being available very soon for the benefit of the children who require this facility. I also look forward to being tracked by the children of Aylward School on-line!”


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