Your Member of Parliament for Harrow East

Andrew Percy MP

Islamaphobia APPG

Bob recently attended the All Party Parliamentary Group against Islamophobia because of concerns with their Secretariat group, iEngage. Bob is adamant that as much as possible should be done to combat Islamophobia and as such is concerned that such a contentious choice for secretariat could severely devastate the cause. The officers and trustees of iENGAGE have a track record of being pro-Hamas and Hezbollah. Some of the comments of their trustees have in the past been Anti-Semitic and they have links with other very questionable groups and individuals. Subsequent to these revelations, Chair Kris Hopkins and Vice-Chair Lord Janner stood down from the APPG, however iENGAGE remain the secretariat. If they were to use the APPG as a platform for this it would prevent it from gathering the kind of broad, cross-party support that the issue of Islamophobia deserves.If iENGAGE is allowed to continue in this position, it will not only undermine any attempt to tackle anti-Muslim bigotry, but will boost precisely the kind of extremist Islamist groups whose activities fuel anti-Muslim hatred.

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