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Andrew Percy MP

Hindu New Year 2016

Nootan Varsha Na Abhinandan!

Bob's annual New Year’s Day Tour of Temples started at the crack of dawn - first stop Stanmore Mandir and ended at the 10th temple visit on New Year’s Day at the Swaminarayan Kingsbury temple. Each temple visited brought out the sense of community involvement, pride and effort put in by hundreds and thousands of volunteers.

He also visited the beautiful Shree Mahavir Swami Jain temple that has been in existence for nearly 22 years and paid homage to Pujya Swami Maharaj at BAPS Swaminarayan temple, Neasden, in his speech to the congregation. Other temples visited include the Kum Kum temple, Yogi Divine, Prajapati Centre and Shri Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan temple. 

The show stealer this year was the amazing display at Kingsbury Mandir, who featured edible models of London landmarks, with London Bridge and Buckingham Palace the star attraction of this year’s Annakut display.

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