Your Member of Parliament for Harrow East

Andrew Percy MP

The Firm Foundation Night Shelter

Bob paid a visit to the Firm Foundation night shelter in Harrow, which is run by a local charity and helps single homeless men through the coldest months of the year. Bob likes to visit the shelter every year to show his support for the work they do to help people and he was pleased to see that, this year, the charity has also been able to open its doors to single females who have become homeless as well.

Firm Foundation have been a close supporter of Bob's Homelessness Reduction Bill, which is still making its way through Parliament. If passed, it will be the first major change to homelessness legislation in England in 40 years and will introduce a series of useful measures, including ensuring that single homeless people who are currently unable to access any help whatsoever are able to get help long before they ever become homeless.

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