Your Member of Parliament for Harrow East

Andrew Percy MP

Bordars Walk Interim Accomodation Project

Ealing Council has formed a partnership with QED Sustainable Urban Developments Ltd to create 34 new accommodation units for local people in urgent housing need and they invited Bob to see the project first hand. The development provides studio, 1 and 2 bedroom emergency accomodation, built out of shipping containers, that can be used by the council to house homeless families and vulnerable people temporarily while more permanent accomodation solutions are found for them.

In 2014/15, London councils alone spent £663million on hostel or bed and breakfast emergency accomodation. This modular design offers a means for councils to save on these costs, while also providing well designed and interim dwellings for people in need while they await further assistance, ensuring that they are not caught having to move frequently in ways which are detremental to work and schooling commitments before they are able to find suitable housing.

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