Your Member of Parliament for Harrow East

Andrew Percy MP

June in Parliament

Bob has been active in the chamber, asking important questions to Simon Burns, Minister for Health about the future funding for Northwick Park Hospital and Harrow Primary Care Trust. The quality and future of healthcare in Harrow East is a key priority for Bob and Mr Burns confirmed to Bob that everything will be done to ensure that the “maximum amount of money is made available to Primary Care Trusts and Northwick Park Hospital.”


Keen to keep up-to-date with developments, Bob is in constant contact with representatives of NHS Harrow and the North West London Hospitals NHS Trust as well as the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore.


Bob has been actively seeking reassurances from the Minister for Transport regarding Transport for London. The Labour Government reduced the grant for the bus concessionary scheme in London by some £25 million very late in last year’s budget process leaving London Councils to find an average £1 million shortfall each. Bob has urged the Coalition Government not to do anything similar to the council tax payers of London. The Secretary of State was able to confirm that the coalition had no plans to reduce this grant this year.


Aware of many peoples’ fears regarding ‘garden grabbing’, Bob has questioned the Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP in the Chamber, urging him to bring forward proposals to increase the powers of local authorities to prevent infill and garden development. Bob also raised key questions about developers who, once their planning application is rejected, continue to appeal until their request is granted. Bob is keen to ensure that decisions made at local level, affecting local people, are upheld.


Bob expressed his concern over the progress of opening academies and looked for reassurance from the Department for Education. One of the concerns being that so many schools had expressed an interest in becoming academies whilst less than 200 academies had been created by the Labour Government in more than 5 years. Acknowledging that 1,100 schools had applied for freedom from local authority interference, Bob asked “What comfort can the Minister give to ensure that those applications will all be honoured, and that those schools will not be dissatisfied?”

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