Your Member of Parliament for Harrow East

Andrew Percy MP

Park High School

Park_High_1Bob visited Park High School to see at first hand the need for capital investment in the school, particularly to provide decent eating facilities for the young people at lunchtime. Bob also met both staff and the School Council in a lively question and answer session.

Bob raised the question of litter with the members of the School Council and asked the School to do everything possible to encourage the young people not to drop litter in local streets or in resident’s gardens. The School Council responded by requesting more litter bins in local streets and decent facilities for school lunches. Apparently Harrow Council has refused to provide more litter bins as this would require them to be emptied!
There was also a lively debate on student tuition fees and how Higher Education should be funded in the future. Bob pointed out that the new system would mean that those going to University in 2012 would be paying much less than under the present system or than under the Graduate Tax suggested by the NUS and Labour Party and that this had been ignored in the debate.


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