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Friends of the RNOH Donation

Bob was on hand to bid a final farewell to the Friends of the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital charity and to thank them for the exceptional fundraising work they have done over the years. The charity made its final donation of £375,000 to the hospital and its legacy will live on as the money raised is used to fund a variety of vital projects, including a new Paediatric Outpatients Department and an expansion of its Spinal Cord Injury Centre.

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Mitzvah Day 2015

Mitzvah Day is a day of Jewish led social action where volunteers come together for numerous projects to support charities in our local communities. This year Bob was pleased to take part in a number of events, starting with a partnership between Stanmore Baptist Church and Belmont Synagogue to do a local clean up and then joining in with various events at the synagogue. He also went on to take part in activities in Stanmore Synagogue and then lent a hand to the Norwood charity for their Mitzvah...

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11th International Leadership Symposium on Ethics in Business

Bob was pleased to deliver a speech at the World Forum for Ethics in Business annual International Leadership Symposium on Ethics in Business at the European Parliament Brussels. The event was held to highlight the importance of both the public and private sectors taking responsible action towards positive social impact with initiatives to foster long-term sustainable growth and individual wellbeing.

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Prime Minister Modi Visits the UK

Bob was honoured to welcome the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, to the UK and to participate in the largest ever community reception which was extended to him by the Indian diaspora in the UK. Among the hundreds of performers from up and down the country who entertained a 60,000 strong crowd of well wishes at Wembley Stadium, there were also several talented artists and children from Harrow. During the visit, Bob was able to raise some of the issues affecting the Indian community in the...

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Remembrance Sunday 2015

Bob was laid a wreath at the War Memorial outside the Civic Centre once again this year. The annual event is held in October to honour veterans as well as those who gave their lives to serve the nation and this year it the procession was led by Pipers of the Glen Trew Pipe Band. Lord Popat (pictured) was also in attendance.

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Equitable Members Action Group AGM

Bob headed up to Birmingham to be the keynote speaker at the Equitable Members Action Group (EMAG) AGM. As Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Justice for Equitable Life Policyholders, the APPG with the highest number of members within Parliament, he remains at the forefront of the campaign to secure full compensation for victims of the scandal. So far the Government has only paid out £1.5billion of the £4.3billion owed.

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Diwali in the House of Commons

Diwali arrived early in Parliament this year as Bob joined forces with Keith Vaz, Nigel Dodds, Caroline Lucas, Angus Robertson MP and Lord Dholakia to sponsor the annual celebrations in the House of Commons. The event, which was organised by the Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB), was also attended by the Conservative Candidate for Mayor of London, Zac Goldsmith, the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, Indian Diaspora Champion, Priti Patel, Lord Popat, and also the High Commissioner of Ind...

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Reception to Honour Guests from India

Bob hosted the welcome reception and felicitation of Indian TV artist and politician Deepika Chikhalia and revered priest and Spiritual Leader from Goa, Swami Bhuveshanand. Deepika, who is known for her role as Hindu Goddess Sita in the televised series of Hindu scripture, Ramayana. Deepika has been a Member of Parliament for the lower house, Lok Sabha in India from the Baroda constituency in 1991 as a BJP candidate. Swami Bhuveshanandji is known for his knowledge of teachings of vedas and Sansk...

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