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Andrew Percy MP

Sian Lloyd

Bob recently met with Home Heat Helpline and Sian Lloyd to discuss the free help and advice available to constituents on their energy bills.

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CAMRA reception

Bob is a keen advocate of the British pub industry and recently attended a Campaign for Real Ale reception.

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Local Government Information Unit

As a member of the Communities and Local Government Select Committee, Bob recently attended a Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) roundtable discussion to talk about the important issue of self-funded care. This is a major issue for the future and needs to be addressed on a cross-party basis so that a solution is found that stands the test of time. Bob was interested to hear at first-hand how some local authorities were innovating in this key service.

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Harrow PCT

Bob met with Mark Easton CEO of NHS Harrow and Marcia Saunders, the interim chair of NHS Harrow. The main purpose of this meeting was to introduce Bob and Marcia as she takes up her new role at an important time for healthcare in Harrow. The critical concern is the £51 million debt that has built up by Harrow PCT. This is compounded by the overspending each year. Now the PCT has to produce a balanced budget to clear the debt by 2013. Bob raised his concerns that Harrow PCT will have to stop som...

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London First dinner

As a London MP it is important that Bob has an insight into the priorities of Londoners as a unique body. At the end of the month Bob attended the London First dinner to meet with other London MPs and key stakeholders in the future of our great city. The various priorities for London from the business community were debated.

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Kenton Synagogue

Bob was pleased to attend Kenton Synagogue to celebrate the engagement of Harrow Weald Councillor Stephen Greek and his fiancée Sara. Several local residents took the opportunity of raising constituency issues!

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London Conservative Conference at Hammersmith Town Hall

A large contingent (11) from Harrow East attended the Conference to hear from Boris Johnson and Phillip Hammond and a variety of other speakers on London-wide issues. The AV referendum campaign, re-election of Boris and Parliamentary Boundary changes were the main subjects. Bob had the opportunity of sharing the stage with 2 other newly elected colleagues (Mary Macleod and Bob Stewart) to answer questions about our work in Parliament. I was later told that this was the liveliest session of the C...

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Israel trip with CFI, 20th - 25th February

In February Bob was part of a delegation to Israel. It was a hectic but insightful week. For more information, please do check out then new part of the website dedicated to this trip!

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