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Andrew Percy MP

CFI briefing

In preparation for the trip to Israel, Bob attended a briefing session to hear the detailed itinerary, the objectives and issues being covered.

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Briefing with David Willets

The issues over provision of Higher Education and tuition fees have caused considerable concern locally. Aware that this is a topic of vital importance to many Bob attended a briefing with David Willets covering the Higher Education White Paper.

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Meeting with Home Swapper

Bob met with Home Swapper to learn about the services they provide in the UK for home swapping or council house exchanges. This is an excellent means of enabling council tenants to move from one area to another without losing their tenancy or other rights.

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London NHS briefing

The changes in the NHS will be keenly felt across London so it is vital that Bob is up to date with developments. In light of the proposed merger of North West London Hospitals NHS Trust (NWLH) and Ealing Hospital NHS Trust (EHT), Bob attended a very interesting London NHS briefing.

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Islamaphobia APPG

Bob recently attended the All Party Parliamentary Group against Islamophobia because of concerns with their Secretariat group, iEngage. Bob is adamant that as much as possible should be done to combat Islamophobia and as such is concerned that such a contentious choice for secretariat could severely devastate the cause. The officers and trustees of iENGAGE have a track record of being pro-Hamas and Hezbollah. Some of the comments of their trustees have in the past been Anti-Semitic and they hav...

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Visit to Grimsdyke

Bob visited the Grimsdyke Hotel and had the opportunity to tour the extensive grounds. The Grimsdyke has beautiful views, excellent catering facilities and a wide variety of different events.

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Kenton West street surgery

Bob again held another street surgery in Kenton meeting lots of interesting constituents. If yours is one of the few doors not knocked on and you have a problem you would like to raise with Bob, please do not hesitate to be get in touch.

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CLG visit to Croydon

In his capacity as a member of the Communities and Local Government Select Committee, Bob visited the London Borough of Croydon to see how they have implanted "localism". In a busy schedule, the CLG Committee visited a children's centre and a voluntary sector building providing an umbrella for a variety of individual services.

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