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Andrew Percy MP

Harrow Carers

Bob visited Harrow Carers to see their new premises and meet both the staff and clients. The National Lottery has helped fund activities of the organisation which provides much needed support to the weak and vulnerable. Bob heard at first hand that Harrow Council has reduced funding to this organisation by 30%. Bob condemned this decision as an organisation such as Harrow Carers saves Harrow Council substantial amounts of money by providing help and support to allow independent living for weak a...

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Harrow Association for Disabled People

Bob visited Harrow Association for Disabled People to see at first hand how National Lottery funding had been invested to transform their reception area and also to develop their website. HADP have been doing good work on behalf of the community for many years. HADP occupy offices in Wealdstone and the reception area was in severe need of modernisation. National Lottery funding has helped transform the reception area into a welcoming environment fit for purpose for the modern age. The website h...

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9th Kenton Scout Group

Bob visited the 9th Kenton Scout Group to see how they have used National Lottery money to improve their storage facilities. This project supports young people developing their talents and encouraging a healthy lifestyle incorporating a spirit of adventure and desire to help other people. Bob is a Queens Scout and strongly supports initiatives to promote scouting in Harrow.  

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Supporting the Foetal Anticonvulsant Syndrome group

Bob joined with members of the Foetal Anticonvulsant Syndrome group to hand in a petition to 10 Downing Street in support of their campaign for reinstatement of legal aid. The children of the group were all born severely disabled which they claim is as a result of their mothers taking drugs to control epilepsy during pregnancy.

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Bob Blackman’s Visit to Krishna Avanti School

Krishna Avanti School in Edgware is a credit to the education system of the United Kingdom. It was developed with the approval of Conservative-run Harrow Council against opposition from other political parties. Although the development of the school was not universally accepted by all the people living locally, the end result has been excellent facilities and excellent teaching for children attending. Hopefully, the school will shortly expand to allow even more children to gain from the ethos of...

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Belmont School

Bob visited Belmont School to meet the members of the School Council. A lively question and answer session with each member of the School Council asking their own question of Bob. At the end of the session, Bob asked the members of the School Council if they wanted him to come back again to continue the debate. There was a unanimous vote in favour! Bob commented, “These question and answer session are always challenging but enjoyable and they begin the process of engaging young people in the p...

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JKSM Diwali Programme

Bob was guest of honour at the JKSM Diwali Programme at Harrow leisure Centre. The event was extremely well attended with a mixture of different types of entertainment including comedy, music and dance.  

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Streatfield Health Centre

Bob visited the Steatfield Health Centre to see at first hand the refurbishment of the health centre and to talk to the staff about proposed improvements to local health services.

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