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Andrew Percy MP

Middle East

On 14th September, Bob raised the threat posed by Hamas to the Middle East peace process. Bob has made very clear his commitment to a proper two-state solution and is eager to represent Israel in the House. Bob has spoken many times about the regrettable situation in the Middle East and in September again asked the Foreign Secretary about terrorism and in area asking if the Foreign Secretary agrees “that one of the biggest obstacles to peace in the Middle East is the outrages committed by Hamas, which represents such a threat that we need to bolster the moderate ranks of the Palestinians to ensure that a proper two-state solution comes about? If he does agree, what action is the Foreign Office taking to ensure that the moderate elements of the Palestinian cause are promoted?”
The Rt. Hon William Hague confirmed that Bob “is right about Hamas [...] Hamas does not want to see these talks succeed and that fact should redouble the determination of all involved to make sure that they do succeed.


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