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Andrew Percy MP

Combating Anti-Semitism

Bob recently spoke in an important Westminster Hall debate on anti-Semitism.

In his commitment to tackling anti-Semitism, Bob also declared his commitment to re-educating those who are anti-Semitic, to participating in a proper democracy that allows others to celebrate their religion and culture without fear. Anti-Semitism is bounded by ignorance and prejudice and must be combated.


Bob saluted the work of the Community Security Trust but declared his dismay at the fact that such an organisation is still needed. Bob spoke of the firebombing in a synagogue in Brondesbury concluding that “that is the sort of thing that emanates as soon as we allow anti-Semitic remarks and anti-Semitism to arise. People start to attack places of worship or educational facilities, and we must not allow it to go on. I commend the London declaration and the recent Ottawa protocol, because they set out the stall by which we can help to educate people to prevent anti-Semitism from gaining further root.”

Bob concluded his speach by saying “’The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.’ We can no longer turn a blind eye; we must always be intolerant of intolerance. We must always combat the snide anti-Semitic remarks [...] We have to send a strong message from this place that we will not allow it to continue; we will not allow these attacks to proliferate, and we will always defend people of all walks of life and all religions.”

To read this debate in full, follow this quote:

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