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Andrew Percy MP

Reducing Bureaucracy, Promoting Discipline and Creating Equal Opportunity in Education

Speaking in the second reading of the Education Bill, Bob made clear his support for this Bill and restated his belief that we should recognise the improvements that the Bill will bring to education across the country. Change is desperately needed in order to obtain the standards for our children that they deserve. Having recently visited many schools in Harrow East, Bob recognises that in the last year of the Labour Government they received 5,000 pages of diktats and orders from Whitehall. Bob highlighted the excellent work done by head teachers and teachers in the schools in his constituency, making clear that he trusts their decision making abilities, free from Whitehall diktats.


Bob Blackman said:

"We must give head teachers and teachers the power to do what they need to do to maintain discipline in the school so that those children can be taught in a properly disciplined way, and so that they can aspire to be the best that they can be. Without strong discipline, there can be no learning."


Bob made clear that, whilst he supports the Bill, it is not perfect. Bob spoke of the need to protect not only teachers, but also the support staff; he argued that for far too long, teachers in primary schools have had to teach to the SATs and the league tables, rather than teaching the children to the best of their ability and as broadly as possible.

Bob Blackman MP recognised that the vast majority of the schools in Harrow East teach children for whom English is not a first language. As such, far from learning French or German, learning Hindi or Gujarati would be far more appropriate for them.

In conclusion, Bob said:

"The beauty of the Bill and of the agenda that we are pursuing is that they offer all children the opportunity to succeed to their optimum ability. They will not be limited necessarily by their parentage or by where they come from. By offering that opportunity to everyone, from all walks of life and all backgrounds, we will give children the opportunity to succeed in a much more equal society where their ability can come to the fore and where that is what is important, rather than the accident of their birth. I strongly support the Bill."


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