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Public Bill Committee: London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Amendment) Bill

In questions to the Leader of the House, Bob again addressed the issue of the RMT tube strikes and called for a statement from the appropriate minister on what actions the Government is going to take to minimise disruption. Bob continued to argue that considering the large degree of inconvenience caused to Londoners it is unfair that they are being held to ransom after a minority vote; as such a bar should be introduced to ensure that a minority cannot call the minority to strike, particularly within the emergency services.


During the Public Bill Committee on the London Olympic and Paralympic Games Bob expressed his concerns about ticket touts and looked for assurances that police officers will take action against touts attempting to sell tickets on the street outside the event. Whilst it is vital that the police are actively involved in catching those that produce illegal counterfeit goods, we must ensure that the resources are available to tackle these issues effectively.


In relation to policing the area and surrounding areas Bob recognised that enforcement officers at the Olympic venues are likely to be trading standards officers, as such Bob questioned whether there will be a need to bring in trading standards officers from other parts of the country to cover the rest of London, to compensate for the people going to the Olympic venues?


A key concern for many Londoners for this whole period of the Olympics and the Paralympics will be how they go about their day-to-day business. Bob acknowledged the calculation of a 30% reduction for one day, which is a bank holiday and asked for clarification as to whether business owners should expect a 30% reduction in traffic for the whole of the 30 day-period?


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