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Andrew Percy MP

Companies Trading Illegally

A company called Brentsouth Trading Ltd was recently brought to Bob's attention through a constituency surgery. The company, that operated out of a garage in Southall, was recently forced to closed down after a Harrow East constituent took them to court for the shocking treatment she endured. After some research it was discovered that more than six companies were operating out of a single site, and each of them had a number of the same directors. On many occasions, they had closed down companies with court judgments against them. That is a scandal, and it needs to be put right. Bob stated the need to ensure that when companies close down and there are court judgments against their directors, those directors are not allowed to start up another company performing the same function on the same site. Bob called for such phoenix operations to be stopped in their tracks, so that innocent people who have no idea that those companies are trading illegally are not forced to pay thousands of pounds to companies that should not be operating in the first place.


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