Your Member of Parliament for Harrow East

Andrew Percy MP


At Business questions, Bob raised that, during the Easter recess, the Government released £600 million for new primary places across England and Wales.  £382 million has gone to London; £30 million has gone to the London Borough of Brent, which is extremely welcome—but when Bob looked for the allocation to the London Borough of Harrow, he found that it was zero. Bob then made a series of phone calls to find out who was responsible, only to discover that the incompetent Harrow Council had failed to supply the data in the correct form and therefore received no money. Despite many efforts, we still do not have an answer on how much money will be available to provide much-needed primary places in Harrow. Bob asked the Leader of the House to offer the House an opportunity of a statement so that we can clear up this matter once and for all.

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