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Andrew Percy MP

Rail Reform

In questions to the Secretary of State for Transport, Bob drew attention to the RMT threats of a national campaign of resistance, including industrial action if necessary. Bob asked what message she had for those trade union dinosaurs and for the hard-working staff in the rail industry about the potential benefits of the investment taking place?   To read this debate in full, Click Here

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Purim and Holi

On the day of the Jewish festival of Purim and the Hindu festival of Holi Bob spoke of the importance of these events. Purim commemorates the deliverance of the Jews from an evil King of Persia—there is, of course, a contemporary parallel with the President of Iran, who wishes to wipe Israel off the map. Holi commemorates the deliverance of Prahlad, whom Holika took into a funeral pyre in an attempt to kill him. However, Holika was consumed by the fire and Vishnu delivered Prahlad to safety. B...

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Nuclear Power

Following the UK-French summit, Bob Blackman asked the Parliamentary Under Secretary of state for Energy and Climate Change, what action he is taking to accelerate putting base load nuclear electricity into our grid, which is of course the cleanest form of energy we can have.To read this debate in full, Click Here

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London Local Authorities and Transport for London Bill

Bob introduced the London Local Authorities and Transport for London Bill for its second reading in the House. This is the third Bill to be promoted by the boroughs and Transport for London since TFL came into existence. Separately, the London boroughs have promoted no fewer than 10 London local authorities Bills of their own and TFL has promoted three of its own over the years. It is therefore fair to say that Bills of this nature are not uncommon—far from it, in fact. This form of localism h...

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Local Authority pay policy statements

Under the Localism Act 2011, passed by this Parliament, every local authority in the country is required to produce a pay policy statement. Bob therefore drew attention to the Harrow council budget setting meeting when a hastily cobbled together document was presented under a guillotine, so that no debate could take place.  

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Prime Minister’s Question Time

In PMQs, Bob drew attention to the hard working families in Harrow that are astonished that the benefit cap of £26,000 is being opposed by the Labour Party. Bob asked David Cameron if he agrees that the Conservative Party will always make work pay and provide benefits for those who are unable to work.To read this debate in full, Click Here

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Street trading

During an adjournment debate on street trading, Bob discussed the increasing problem of congested parking and drew attention to companies that sell cars via the internet rather than openly brand them as for sale. These businesses are thus able to park their cars on residential streets thus making it more difficult for local residents to park. To read this debate in full, Click Here<...

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Effectiveness of local and regional government

In Business questions, Bob noted that The Mayor of London will end his first term in office with 1,000 extra police officers, 1 million extra patrols on the streets and crime down by 7.6%. After three years of council tax freezes, following eight years of a Labour Mayor increasing the council tax by 152%, the welcome news is that London’s council tax will be reduced for the first time in London’s history. As such, Bob called for a debate on the effectiveness of local and regional government?...

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