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Andrew Percy MP

Local Government Finance Bill

Recognising local governments’ need for financial security, Bob stated the need for three-year settlements that allow local authorities to plan ahead and prepare and welcomed improvements in the current settlement during the second year. Bob welcomed plans to freeze council tax across many local authorities and called on those that are yet to decide to grasp this opportunity to lower bills for households.  

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In a debate on the Police Grant Report, Bob quested the Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, on the figures she used when discuss departures from the police force. For clarification, Bob asked how many were past retirement age and could therefore choose to go and how many were on active duty, as opposed to light duty in police stations, in which case they would not have been available for police commanders to use in proper policing?To read this debate in full, Read More →

Question, Informal European Council

Further to the Prime Minister’s statement on his recent attendance at the Informal European Council, Bob welcomed the commitments to bring down trade barriers and encourage trade outside the European Union and asked the Prime Minister to expand on the opportunities that British business will have for increased jobs, trade and commerce throughout the world.To read this debate in full, Click Here

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Drinking ban on public transport in London

One of the first decisions that Mayor Boris Johnson took was to ban the consumption of alcohol on public transport. That has meant that thousands of passengers have been able to enjoy their journeys to and from home. Now, Ken Livingstone threatens to remove the ban if he is re-elected. Expressing his dismay at this notion, Bob called for a debate on the consumption of alcohol on public transport?To read this debate in full, Read More →

Holocaust Memorial Day

“It is an honour to follow so many emotional speeches. I commend my hon. Friend Gavin Barwell for his perseverance in ensuring that we could have this debate and for securing it from the Backbench Business Committee.My problem with the holocaust is thinking about 6 million people being systematically murdered. It is easy to picture one person being murdered—we can see a photo of them, talk to their friends or read about them—but one cannot even envisage or contemplate 6 million people lyin...

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Transparency in Local Government

During the debate following the Business Statement from the Leader of the House, Bob told the Chamber of the two major developments currently under consideration by Harrow Council. The first is a commercial development on Whitchurch playing field and the second in Stanmore, involves the demolition of a library, building on a car park and the demolition of a community centre, all to provide a superstore. The one common factor is that Harrow Council owns the land and has failed to consult the publ...

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Local Retention of Non-Domestic Rates

During a debate on Local Retention of Non-Domestic Rates, Bob expressed his relief that further to the Local Government Bill, it will now be for every local authority where there is deprivation to encourage and promote prosperity and businesses to set up in their areas, so that there is a deliberate move to creating economic growth in areas that have been unfairly deprived for far too long.To read this debate in full, Read More →

Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group.

Harrow clinical commissioning group has been informed by NHS London that it is not economically viable as a unit under the Government’s reforms, and that it must be replaced and join Brent, Harrow, Ealing, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster and Hammersmith and Fulham. In light of this, Bob asked for a debate on the implementation of the Government’s NHS reforms.To read this debate in full, Read More →

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