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Andrew Percy MP

PIP breast implants.

In questions to the Secretary of state for Health, Bob raised his concerns that PIP are not the sole suppliers of breast implants and asked the Secretary of State what assurances he has received from the industry that no other company has embarked on the practice of using nonmedical grade silicon in its breast implants and what is being done to make sure that the women that have had such implants feel, and are, safe. To read this debate in full, Read More →

Local Government Finance Bill

During a debate on the Local Government Finance Bill, Bob made clear his support for localism and Local Government. Bob drew attention to propositions to localise Business Rates and the need to encourage local businesses and economic development. In light of the changes to Housing Benefit, Bob asked whether Council Tax would be better administered centrally to remove the administrative costs for local government. To read this debate in full, Read More →

Emergency Services

In the final debate of 2011, Bob paid tribute to all the excellent work done by all members of the emergency services throughout the year. Bob asked for a review of standard officer uniform to ensure full protection and urged a review of procurement policies within the police service. Bob also made clear his belief that all technologies and opportunities should be utilised to ensure time is spent wisely. To read this debate in full, Read More →

Public Sector Pensions

Bob asked the Chief Secretary to the Treasury to confirm the number of trade unions that reached an agreement regarding their pensions and for clarification on the situation for those public sector workers whose unions have not yet reached an agreement and what the impact would be on public sector workers’ pensions where unions had not agreed the package. To read the debate in full, Click Here

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Bovine TB and Badger Culling

In questions to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Bob asked her to confirm that there will be a strict count of the number of badgers culled; that those badgers will be tested for TB and that those areas going through vaccination will not also be subject to simultaneous culling to prevent badgers being culled that had previously been vaccinated.   To read the debate in full, Click ...

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Knife Crime

Bob used a speech in the Chamber to draw attention to the four police officers in Harrow who were stabbed whilst on duty and to commend their courage and hard work. In light of these disturbing events, Bob asked for an urgent debate or a statement on the measures that can be taken to help the police and, in particular, review the protective clothing that is issued to them, to combat knife crime.   To read this debate in full, Read More →

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

During the debate after the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, Bob noted the level of housing benefit available as a key inflationary pressure of the cost of housing. Bob called for reassurances that housing benefit will continue to be capped and rigorously controlled. To read this debate in full, Click Here

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Middle East

Bob asked the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, what recent assessment he has made of the status of the Middle East peace process; and if he will make a statement. He then went on to call on the Foreign Secretary to use his powers of persuasion to encourage the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table with Israel rather than wasting time on seeking admission to the UN.To read this debate in full, Read More →

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