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Andrew Percy MP

Religious restrictions in Hungary

Bob raised the change in legislation in Hungary that withdrew recognition of Hinduism as a recognised religion in that country. That threatens not only people’s right to celebrate and worship in accordance with the religion of their choice but the land-owning of religious orders. So far, the Hungarian ambassador refuses to take delegations representing those Hindus in this country and, equally, the Foreign Secretary has been unable to intervene in this process. Bob asked for an urgent debate i...

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In questions to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Bob asked for assurances that British farmers will receive assistance to allow them to produce and export crops for food. To read this debate in full, Click Here

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Border Control Scheme

Bob asked the Attorney General to remind the House what lessons have been learned as a result of the Border Control Scheme pilot and asked what changes he is making to ensure that our borders are secure. To read this debate in full, Click Here

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Transport for London

During Business questions, Bob drew attention to the Mayor of London’s commitment to raising fares on the underground by RPI plus 2% to get much needed investment for the Underground. Ken Livingstone, on the other hand, has proposed cuts of 5%. This would mean London being deprived of £835 million of investment in the tube service and as such, Bob called for a debate on how we can encourage investment in public transport in London and across the country so that we can expose the lies of the L...

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Hitchingbrooke Hospital

Bob used time during Health questions to discuss Hitchingbrooke Hospital and asked what the future is for the other 20 hospitals that find themselves in a desperate financial state. Bob asked if this is a blueprint for the future and can we look forward to other partnership arrangements coming forward?To read this debate in full, Click Here

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Localism Bill (Programme) (No. 3): Timetables for changing English district councils’ electoral schemes

“I want to make three points. The first is about the codes of conduct and the abolition of the Standards Board. I, like many local councillors at the time, was the subject of numerous referrals to the Standards Board. The first that anyone heard of it was when they received the letter from the Standards Board saying that it had decided to take no further action on the vexatious complaint. It could take many months and, in certain cases, years before a complaint was determined one way or the ot...

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Hindu Free School in Harrow

During Business questions, Bob called on the Leader of The House to wish Hindus a belated Deepawali and welcomed the decision of the Department for Education to grant initial approval to St Chaitanya’s School, a new Hindu free school in Harrow. This is excellent news as the school will provide 1,470 young people with a faith-based education. To read this debate in full, Click Here

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European Union

In light of the situation in the Euro-zone and, given that our deficit and debt levels are higher than Greece’s, Bob asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, what he thought the situation would be if we had adopted the policies proposed by the Opposition. To read this debate in full, Click here

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