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Andrew Percy MP

Referral fees

Supporting the Government’s efforts to tackle cold-calls from companies dealing with injury claims, Bob asked for clarification on a number of issues.   Firstly, Bob asked for a clear and comprehensive definition of the term ‘referral fee’, this is especially important if there are any moves to make it a criminal offence

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Further to a statement made by the Home Secretary, Bob commended the work being taken to tackle gang crime. However, once a gang is disbanded a vacuum is created into which another gang can occupy. Bob asked Theresa May what actions can be taken to prevent new gangs from being formed where an old gang has been eliminated?To read this debate in full, Click Here

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National Health Service

In a debate on the National Health Service, Bob questioned the former Secretary of State for Health, The Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP about his former role as asked whether he accepted that one of the severe problems that the National Health Service is facing came about on his watch, when primary care trusts were allowed to build up huge deficits without making the economies and efficiencies that should have been made at that time, rather than on this Government’s watch.To read this debate in full, ...

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Protests at St Paul’s Cathedral

In Business questions, Bob made very clear his commitment to the right to protest and the right to demonstrate peacefully but drew a distinction between these legitimate forms of political action and the growing encampment outside St Paul’s Cathedral. A number of these protestors are receiving state benefits that are given on the basis of constant availability for work. It is clear that whilst camping on the streets of London these claimants are neither looking nor available for work. As such,...

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Palestine and the UN Security Council

In questions to the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Bob informed the House of his recent rip to Jordan and the West Bank where he met with the Palestinian Authority’s Prime Minister, Mr Fayyad and called upon him to facilitate the release of Gilad Shalit. Although Bob cannot take credit for his release, Bob expressed his delight that action was taken the following day. During his trip, it became clear to Bob that the level of settlement activity on the West Bank is spee...

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Education inequalities

Bob used Business Questions to remind other members of Tony Blair’s 1997 commitment to “education, education, education”- a startling point as 14 years on, a publication has shown that in reading, 15-year-olds in our classrooms are a year behind those in our competitor countries. Bob called for an urgent debate on the actions that the Government will take to remove this appalling legacy for the people whose future has been prejudiced.To read this debate in full, follow Click Read More →

Human rights on the Indian sub continent

In a recent debate on the Human rights situation on the Indian Subcontinent Bob Spoke about human rights abuses in Jammu and Kashmir:   “ Millions of British citizens have a family origin from the Indian subcontinent, so it is right for this mother of Parliaments to debate not only human rights there, but security on the Indian subcontinent as well. First, I should add my thanks to my hon. Friends the Members for Wycombe (Steve Baker) and for Ilford North (Mr Scott) for securing the debate, a...

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Bob spoke at Business Questions to draw attention to the fact that Harrow Council have now issued a tender document for the procurement of bailiff services that require the successful tenderer to pay back to the council 10% of the fee they obtain from the person with the debt. Bob pointed out that this would be a direct incentive for both bailiffs and Harrow Council to hike the fees. Bob called for an urgent debate on the use of bailiffs, the services provided and the fees allowed, so that this ...

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