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Andrew Percy MP

Middle East

During Foreign and Common Wealth Questions, Bob was able to ask the Minister of State, Alistair Burt MP, about the ongoing disputes between Israel and the Palestinians. Bob stated that he strongly believes that there need to be negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians and that at the end of that process the state of Palestine should be recognised. As such, Bob urged him to join the United States in the Security Council in vetoing the premature creation of a Palestinian state and al...

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Scotland Questions

In questions to the Secretary of State for Scotland, Bob asked what assistance police forces in Scotland provided during the public disorder in England in August 2011, what lessons have been learned and what plans exist for closer cooperation for the future.To read this debate in full, Click HERE

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London Riots

Bob asked the Secretary of State for Justice what recent assessment he has made of the operation of the courts during the public disorder of August 2011. Bob noted that the courts worked much more effectively and efficiently and questioned whether this should become the norm rather than the exception. To read this debate in full, Click HERE

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Police resources for the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Bill

Having visited the Olympic Park on a number of occasions Bob noted that security levels were high and that the provisions in place will help to ensure a successful event. However, it is important to be prepared for an increase in criminal activity in the time leading up to the games and the impact that this may have on the police’s operational capability in London during that period. Bob urged that these concerns be taken in to account as the Olympic Games draw ever closer. To read this debate...

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The Metropolitan Police

Bob used the Business Questions to draw attention to his admiration for the hard working men and women of the Metropolitan Police. Bob has been taking part in the Police Parliamentary Scheme and last month joined the Met on active patrol. Bob asked for a statement on the impact on the Metropolitan Police as a result of the large amounts of work done since the riots. Officers had been on constant 12-hour shifts with all leave cancelled so that they could deal with the incredible work load and con...

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Public Confidence in the Media and Police

In light of the phone-hacking scandal Bob argued that communications companies have a role in ensuring that communications are kept secure so that people who wish to transgress and break the law cannot do so.

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Knife Crime

"I want to draw the House's attention to increasing concern in my constituency about gang-related crime.  

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Occupied Territories

Bob asked the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he agreed that it would be utterly premature for the Government to sanction UN recognition of a Palestinian state until such time as the Palestinians and Israelis sit around the table and negotiate on all terms.

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