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Andrew Percy MP

The Middle East

In Foreign and Commonwealth Questions, Bob raised concerns that a further flotilla from Turkey was proposing to attempt to breach the blockade of Gaza. This was at a time of increased terrorist attacks by Hamas and warned the Secretary of State that this would act as a terrible provocation to the state of Israel. Bob welcomed the Foreign Secretary's words on the issue and urged him to approach the organisers of the flotilla directly to make them stop.

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Prime Minister’s Question Time

In questioning the Prime Minister, Bob drew attention to Labour's former pensions Minister who described the current position on public sector pensions as completely untenable. Bob then went on to ask if David Cameron agreed that it is unacceptable that a small minority of trade unions will cause disruption to thousands of people across the country.

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Circus Animals

The debate surrounding the use of wild animals in circuses was one that provoked strong reaction. In the debate Bob suggested that that the introduction of a ban with a firm date would mean that no new animals could be brought into circuses and that the circus owners will be put on notice that those currently operating in circuses will need to be retired to appropriate circumstances that suit their needs.

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RMT Strikes

The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers—the RMT—is threatening, on a minority vote of its membership, to make travelling in London a misery over the next few weeks. In light of this, Bob Blackman MP called for a debate in Government time on requiring unions to secure a majority vote of their membership before they can take industrial action?

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Bob recently spoke during a debate on Azerbaijan and the South Caucuses.

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Gas Prices

In questions to the Leader of the House, Bob asked for a debate on energy policy and the effectiveness of regulations. Whilst many can understand that when the wholesale price of gas increases there is a concomitant increase in the retail price, it is clearly unacceptable that when the wholesale price decreases there is no affect on the retail price. It is clear that urgent action is needed in order to combat the Government's work on tackling inflation.

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Library Closures

Paying tribute to the excellent campaign being run by the Evening Standard to promote reading, Bob asked what can be done to combat the cultural vandalism that is the closure of libraries by large numbers of Labour-led local authorities.

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Adult Learning Provisions

Bob spoke in the Chamber during Education questions about the need for greater social mobility and argued that it is often the most disadvantaged who are failed by the academic system in their youth. In Education questions, Bob Blackman asked the Minister of State what steps he plans to take to target adult learning provision on those who most need the support to reach their full potential.

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