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Preventing Extremism

Bob asked the Home Secretary for assurances that those organisations that receive funding through the prevent scheme aimed at reducing extremism are evaluated on an out-come based system. Bob argued that by in this way then we can ensure that we can see if the funding has achieved the desired outcome or not.

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It has been reported that the border between Gaza and Egypt has been reopened; recognising the risks this may offer, Bob Blackman asked the Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary what steps he is taking to make sure that the Egyptian Government stops assisting Hamas and Islamic Jihad and continues to put pressure on both sides to return to the negotiating table.

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School Places

In a debate on school places, Bob asserted that when discussing school expansions we must allow a larger degree of parental choice and accept that faith based schools are considered an important part of the debate. The need for a Hindu secondary school located between Harrow and Barnet has been indentified and we will be working hard to secure support for it from the Department for Education.

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Companies Trading Illegally

A company called Brentsouth Trading Ltd was recently brought to Bob's attention through a constituency surgery. The company, that operated out of a garage in Southall, was recently forced to closed down after a Harrow East constituent took them to court for the shocking treatment she endured. After some research it was discovered that more than six companies were operating out of a single site, and each of them had a number of the same directors. On many occasions, they had closed down companies...

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Private Sector Growth

Passionate about private sector growth, Bob was shocked to hear of a constituent whose attempts to set up a business have been stymied by HMRC who have put his registration for VAT on hold for 18months. If he application were to be successful the individual would employ more than 10 local people and thus promote prosperity in the local area. Instead, this man has been put in a position where he cannot get premises or buy vehicles. The HMRC is acting as a direct obstacle to the setting up of bus...

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Ashiana Charitable Trust

Bob again commended the great work of the Ashiana Charitable Trust, who he was proud to present a Kids Count award to only the night before, but expressed his dismay at reports that Harrow council has decided to remove all funding from that organisation It is a national scandal that Bob urges the council to change, even at this late stage.

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Equitable Life

On Monday 16th May the Government published their report on the process of compensation for Equitable Life policyholders thereby honouring their pledge to properly compensate those people who were so scandalously treated by Labour. The document itself s complex and weighty and as such Bob asked for a statement or a debate in the house so that the Minister can respond on the record to those concerned for the benefit of the wider public.

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Nuclear Energy

Questioning the Department for Energy and Climate Change in the wake of the disaster in Japan, Bob asked whether the Secretary of State had assessed the future of the proposed new nuclear power stations in light of the Weightman Report.

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