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Andrew Percy MP

RMT Tube Strikes

In questions to the Leader of the House, Bob again addressed the issue of the RMT tube strikes and called for a statement from the appropriate minister on what actions the Government is going to take to minimise disruption. Bob continued to argue that considering the large degree of inconvenience caused to Londoners it is unfair that they are being held to ransom after a minority vote; as such a bar should be introduced to ensure that a minority cannot call the minority to strike, particularly w...

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Fire on the M1

Further to the fire on the M1, Bob questioned the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport. Bob enquired as to what assessment he had made of the effect of the fire on the Department's budget as vast amounts of repairs were required. The traffic congestion and inconvenience caused a large amount of upheaval and Bob looked for assurances that action would be taken to ensure there would be appropriate storage under motorways in the future.

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Communities and Local Government

In questions to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Bob asked whether he would consider the merits of requiring local authorities to discharge their homelessness duty through a landlord accreditation scheme when using the private rented sector.

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London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Amendment) Bill

Bob has a long history in supporting the London Olympic and Paralympic Games; Bob served as the Conservative Olympics spokesman in the Greater London authority, during the formative period when much of the work was initiated, he was also the deputy chairman of the GLA's economic development, culture, sport and tourism committee for four years. As a result, he was partly responsible for the scrutiny of the Olympics and the development of the whole process and has a great interest in its success.

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Bob commemorates Sathya Sai Baba in the House of Commons

Bob spoke in business questions to mourn the loss of Sathya Sai Baba who died in India. Sai Baba was a unique Hindu ascetic who was renowned among millions of followers worldwide and hundreds of thousands within the UK. As there has been no Government statement issuing an expression of sympathy to the hundreds of thousands of followers in this country who are praying for his soul and for his return, Bob asked the Leader of the House to prevail on the appropriate Government Minister to issue a s...

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Foreign and Commonwealth Office debate on the Middle East and North Africa

In the weeks leading up to the most recent major religious festivals, Jerusalem suffered the first suicide bombing for nearly three years and ordinary Israeli citizens experienced an escalation of rocket attacks from the Gaza strip. In questions to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Bob asked what has been done to apply pressure to Islamic Jihad and Hamas to cease their terrorist activities and return to the negotiating table.

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Academy Schools in Harrow

During a debate on General Matters, Bob Blackman drew attention to the seven schools in Harrow that are now considering a move towards academy status. Park High, Canons High and Bentley Wood High are within Mr Blackman's constituency of Harrow East and Nower Hill, Harrow Hill and Rooks Heath College are in Harrow West; as such, the potential move to academy status would have an immediate impact on schooling in the area, affecting many of Bob's constituents.

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Budget Debate

"Every Budget is a step along the way in implementing the strategy of any Government. Part and parcel of the strategy that the Government have chosen to follow is wholesale welfare reform, which I welcome. A plethora of benefits are being simplified, people are being taken out of taxation, and the central issue at the heart of that strategy is that work should always pay. In this country-including London-today, I could take hon. Members to places where there are three generations of people who h...

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