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Andrew Percy MP

Post 16 Education Funding

Having spoken to young constituents receiving the Education Maintenance Allowance, it became clear that whilst some rely on this money to continue their studies, there are many others that consider it to be 'spending money'. It is right that those in need should be given as much assistance as is needed but we should not be in a situation where we are paying our children to go to school. In questions to the Secretary of State for Education, Bob recognised that we have to ensure that money is targ...

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UK Liability in the Eurozone bail-out mechanism

During the Prime Minister's Statement on Libya and report back from the European Council Bob drew attention to the fragile financial situations in Spain, Portugal and Greece. Whilst the withdrawal of the UK from the eurozone bail-out mechanism by 2013 is to be welcomed, Bob asked what is being done to assess our potential liabilities until that date.

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Questions to the Leader of the House

Seven brilliantly successful schools in Harrow are currently consulting on becoming academies. They are doing so in the teeth of a campaign of misinformation by Labour-run Harrow council and outright hostility from the teaching unions. During questions to the Leader of the House, Bob asked for an urgent statement from the Secretary of State for Education on what he is going to do to stop councils giving misinformation to schools that are trying to break free of the dead hand of the local educati...

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Environment and Climate Change

Bob spoke in Energy and Climate Change questions about the increasing demand for electric cars and the concomitant need for nuclear power to allow for overnight recharging. Bob asked the Secretary of State what consideration he has given to ensuring it is produced quickly and safely.

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Debate on the political developments in North Africa and the Middle East

In light of the ever evolving developments in the Middle East, Bob used his time in the chamber to speak on this issue.

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The Middle East

In questions to the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Bob spoke of the attacks at Itamar where the Fogel Family were brutally murdered. Bob asked whether the The Rt Hon William Hague MP would agree with him that this atrocity makes it even harder for Prime Minister Netanyahu to advance the Middle East peace process with the Palestinians.

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Local Authority Funding, Health

Questioning the Secretary of State for Health, Bob asked Mr Lansley if he would advise how long the ring-fencing of local authority money is going to last. Bob questioned whether this timing would coincide with a time when local authorities could be trusted to spend the money on public health without Central Government guidance.  

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Speaking in the Chamber during questions to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Bob used his experience in the private sector before entering Parliament to argue the importance of strict regulatory compliance. In relation to BksyB and Rupert Murdoch, Bob asked who would be responsible for the monitoring of these undertakings and, specifically, who will monitor the share dealings for the new Sky News Company. It is important that we ensure that neither Rupert Murdoch nor his nomi...

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