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Andrew Percy MP

Local Authority Funding, Health

Questioning the Secretary of State for Health, Bob asked Mr Lansley if he would advise how long the ring-fencing of local authority money is going to last. Bob questioned whether this timing would coincide with a time when local authorities could be trusted to spend the money on public health without Central Government guidance.  

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Speaking in the Chamber during questions to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Bob used his experience in the private sector before entering Parliament to argue the importance of strict regulatory compliance. In relation to BksyB and Rupert Murdoch, Bob asked who would be responsible for the monitoring of these undertakings and, specifically, who will monitor the share dealings for the new Sky News Company. It is important that we ensure that neither Rupert Murdoch nor his nomi...

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Funding for voluntary organisations in Harrow East

In questions to The Leader of The House, Bob drew attention to the fact that Ashiana Charitable Trust, a voluntary organisation in Harrow East that works with disabled children and young adults, is having its grant completely withdrawn by Labour-run Harrow Council. Harrow Carers' grant is also being slashed by 30%, and every other voluntary organisation is being decimated. The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has gone on the record suggesting that he will take reserve powe...

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Labour-run Brent Council

In questions to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Bob drew attention to the Labour-run Brent Council and condemned their proposed cuts. Brent Council are proposing the closure of six libraries and all its day care centres, the introduction of fortnightly refuse collections and a hammering f the voluntary sector whilst simultaneously talking the £2.5 million grant that was meant to freeze council tax for struggling residents and applying it to their balances.

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Bureaucracy in the NHS and the role of the Care Quality Commission

In Business Questions to the Leader of the House, Bob again drew attention to the two local NHs Trusts that are consulting on a merger. It now seems that this merger will take three years and cost £1.5 million. After receiving correspondence from a number constituents Bob expressed his concern about the processes of the Care Quality Commission and dentists throughout the country who are required to print and display 75 individual policies in their surgery. It is quite clear that many of these r...

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The European Court of Human Right’s ruling on the Sex Offenders Register

In light of the recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that states that those whose have been convicted of sex offences will be able to appeal to have their name removed from the sex offenders register, Bob made clear his anger and frustration at this ruling. In questioning the Home Secretary Bob welcomed a move to tighten the rules governing this area and expressed concern about potential inconsistencies in the approaches of different police forces. If a sex offender moves they may...

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Department for Work and Pensions

In questions to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Bob made clear his support for families and their right to be recognised in the benefit system. Bob asked the Secretary if he agreed that it surely cannot be correct that two people, who decide to live together as a couple, should be penalised by £30 a week in benefits. Bob urged the department to address the couple penalty when introducing the Universal Credit.

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Saying “No” to Votes for Prisoners

In a recent and contentious debate regarding the European Court of Human Rights ruling regarding votes for prisoners, Bob welcomed the opportunity to have a full and insightful debate without being whipped on how to vote at the end.

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