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Andrew Percy MP

Local Authority Budgets

"We have inherited a legacy: local government council tax has doubled, but services have not really improved at all. Under the Labour Government, there was a transfer of responsibility to local government but a transfer of funding to the council tax, and that forced local people to pay for those services, which were not really delivered.

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Reducing Bureaucracy, Promoting Discipline and Creating Equal Opportunity in Education

Speaking in the second reading of the Education Bill, Bob made clear his support for this Bill and restated his belief that we should recognise the improvements that the Bill will bring to education across the country. Change is desperately needed in order to obtain the standards for our children that they deserve. Having recently visited many schools in Harrow East, Bob recognises that in the last year of the Labour Government they received 5,000 pages of diktats and orders from Whitehall. Bob ...

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Combating Cyber Crime

The Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Home Office made a statement on the proposed European directive on attacks against information systems, which the Government has decided to opt in to.

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Combating Anti-Semitism

Bob recently spoke in an important Westminster Hall debate on anti-Semitism. In his commitment to tackling anti-Semitism, Bob also declared his commitment to re-educating those who are anti-Semitic, to participating in a proper democracy that allows others to celebrate their religion and culture without fear. Anti-Semitism is bounded by ignorance and prejudice and must be combated.  

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Reducing Detention Without Charge

Bob used his time in the chamber to make clear his support for the reduction of detention without charge from 28 days to 14 days. Bob asked the Minister to confirm that there is no one currently in custody who will have to be released by Wednesday because their detention period has gone beyond 14 days. The Minister made clear that he was unable to discuss individual cases. To read the quote in full, follow this think: Read More →

Equal Sized Parliamentary Constituencies 18th January. Questions to the Deputy Prime Minister

In Questions to Nick Clegg, Bob Blackman asked him when he expects his proposals for fewer and more equally sized constituencies to be implemented.To read the quote in full, follow this link:

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Tunisian Unrest 17th January FCO Statement

In light of the recent political developments in Tunisia, Bob questioned the Minister of State about the large number of British nationals still in Tunisia. Bob asked what advice was available to those British Nationals who have relatives, property, assets or business there on what protection they can receive from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. To read the quote in full, follow this quote:   http...

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Local Government Financial Settlement

Speaking in a Westminster Hall debate on the impact of the Comprehensive Spending review on Local Government, Bob described the centralised approach to running local government under the previous Government. Under this system local authorities became accustomed to specified, performance and area based grants. This rigid system will now be removed in order to allow local authorities to work according to local priorities.    

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