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Andrew Percy MP

Fire Brigade Strike Action in London

On the 26th October, Bob challenged the irresponsible strike action planned by the London Region Fire Brigades Union; Bob raised the issue in the Chamber. Bob is committed to safe and enjoyable Celebrations of Diwali and Guy Fawkes Night in Harrow East, and throughout the country, and as such believes that five years is long enough to negotiate shift roster patterns. Individuals’ safety should be our utmost priority and Bob asked whether it is “time that we considered reviewing whether no-st...

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Pupil Premium

On the 18th October, Bob questioned Michael Gove about the disparity among the benefits that go to schools and colleges on the front line to tackle deprivation. Bob was able to gain positive commitments from Mr Gove that the money will be “passported directly to the schools that need it. “ To see the quote in full please click here

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Individual Voter Registration

On 15th September, Bob questioned the Minister responsible for voter registration. “I warmly welcome the step to speed up the process of individual registration, but the overwhelming majority of people in the UK do not move from one year to the next. Although I completely agree with having security for the initial registration-supplying national insurance numbers and, most importantly, signatures-because the vast majority of people do not move every year, will the Minister consider sticking wi...

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Middle East

On 14th September, Bob raised the threat posed by Hamas to the Middle East peace process. Bob has made very clear his commitment to a proper two-state solution and is eager to represent Israel in the House. Bob has spoken many times about the regrettable situation in the Middle East and in September again asked the Foreign Secretary about terrorism and in area asking if the Foreign Secretary agrees “that one of the biggest obstacles to peace in the Middle East is the outrages committed by Hama...

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Equitable Life

September has been a key month for those concerned about Equitable Life and on 14th September Bob used his time in the Chamber to draw attention to the issues affecting his constituents. Bob called for recognition of the people who invested for their future and set aside money, wisely and prudently, for their old age. Equitable Life policy holders took a small risk in the belief that the Government and the regulator were acting properly. After court action and the ombudsman’s report it is clea...

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Tax repayments

On the 8th September, Bob questioned the Exchequer Secretary following the realisation of the tax fiasco inherited by the previous Labour Government, many people are now faced with bills for unpaid tax. Expressing his concern, Bob questioned David Gauke MP, Exchequer Secretary, asking him whether he can guarantee to “make an effort to ensure that the letters that are sent to our constituents are in plain English and easy to understand, and that they contain appropriate calculations that the in...

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National Audit Office:

On 7th September, after The Rt. Hon Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government announced the abolition of the Audit Commission, Bob expressed his concern about the future relationship between private auditors and those being audited. Bob asked “what regulation or guidance will be issued on the length of contracts to ensure not only that a cosy arrangement does not grow up between auditors, but that expertise can be built up to speed up the process and reduce costs...

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Belmont Health Centre

Bob continued representing the hospitals and patients in Harrow East and addressed the Secretary of State saying, “I went to see a group practice of 12 GPs who are totally frustrated by the local PCT.

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