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Andrew Percy MP

Voting Fraud

Bob asked the Deputy Prime Minister what initiatives he was taking to combat postal vote fraud and impersonation at polling stations.   Click Here to read the debate in full  

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Knife Crime

Bob spoke of his concern at the rising number of repeat offenders of knife crime that are being let off with cautions and non-custodial sentences. Bob called for a 2 strikes policy which would see any repeat offender found in possession of a knife receiving an immediate custodial sentence. The Government has since announced a review into the use of Cautions.   Click Here to r...

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Bob asked the Foreign Secretary what progress has been made to ensure that the poppy crop in Afghanistan is being diverted for legitimate medical use and away from the illicit black market.   Click Here to read the debate in full 

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The Budget

Bob spoke at length in the House of Commons following the Budget. He praised the positive effects that it would have in Harrow, noting the 40,000 people in his constituency that would benefit from a tax cut; the ever decreasing unemployment figures; and the 4,000 people that would be taken out of the tax system completely.   Click Here&nbs...

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Voluntary Organisation Grants

Bob asked the Government to condemn local authorities such as Harrow that are cutting grants to voluntary organisations that provide services to the weak and vulnerable.   Click Here to read the debate in full 

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Minimum Alcohol Pricing

On the subject of introducing a minimum alcohol price, Bob asked whether a ban on anti-competitive behaviour would be a better solution. This would prevent retailers from selling alcohol at a loss as is often done to entice customers into their stores.   Click Here to read the debate in full 

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The Welfare System

Bob called for a debate to highlight the need to ensure that the welfare system remains contribution based. He stressed the need to see the benefit system as one that is there for those not able to work, the weak and vulnerable and a helping hand to those looking to return to work.   Click Here to read the debate in full 

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NHS Care

Following the publication of the report into the incidents at the Mid Staffordshire Hospital, Bob took the opportunity to question the Prime Minister on standards of care in the NHS. Bob noted that thousands of people will be worried about what is going on in their own local hospital: could the same things be going on there? Bob pressed David Cameron to agree that it is important for staff to say that, “We will not put up with poor standards,” and that as part and parcel of that, ward manage...

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