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Andrew Percy MP


Bob took part in the debate on Syria and spoke about the dangers of military intervention in the middle east. He believes that there are only two occasions where military action can be justified; where British interests are imminently threatened, and as part of a UN-sponsored humanitarian mission to prevent dictators from causing damage to their own people.    Read More →

Planning Law Changes

Bob has been leading the campaign against the Government's proposals to relax the planning laws. The proposals would see home-owners allowed to build extensions of up to 26ft without Planning Permission. Bob believes that these plans would be disastrous and has spoken out in Parliament in addition to voting against their implementation.   Click Here to read the debate in full

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Tribute to Baroness Thatcher

Bob paid tribute to Margaret Thatcher as part of debate which was convened following her death. Bob noted the 2 million people who now own their council houses as a result of her policies; the 20 million people who bought shares when she produced a shareholding democracy; and the millions of people in eastern Europe who owe their fundamental freedoms of democracy and liberty to the iron will of the Iron Lady.   Read More →

Voting Fraud

Bob asked the Deputy Prime Minister what initiatives he was taking to combat postal vote fraud and impersonation at polling stations.   Click Here to read the debate in full  

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Knife Crime

Bob spoke of his concern at the rising number of repeat offenders of knife crime that are being let off with cautions and non-custodial sentences. Bob called for a 2 strikes policy which would see any repeat offender found in possession of a knife receiving an immediate custodial sentence. The Government has since announced a review into the use of Cautions.   Click Here to r...

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Bob asked the Foreign Secretary what progress has been made to ensure that the poppy crop in Afghanistan is being diverted for legitimate medical use and away from the illicit black market.   Click Here to read the debate in full 

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The Budget

Bob spoke at length in the House of Commons following the Budget. He praised the positive effects that it would have in Harrow, noting the 40,000 people in his constituency that would benefit from a tax cut; the ever decreasing unemployment figures; and the 4,000 people that would be taken out of the tax system completely.   Click Here&nbs...

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Voluntary Organisation Grants

Bob asked the Government to condemn local authorities such as Harrow that are cutting grants to voluntary organisations that provide services to the weak and vulnerable.   Click Here to read the debate in full 

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