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Bob raised the concerns that it is clearly vital that we rebuild confidence in the banking system after this further scandal, but there are questions to ask about what compliance regime was going on in Barclays during the mid-2000s and in every other bank. Bob asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he agreed that no matter what the regulations are, it is now vital that the banks come out with a clear, transparent and independent compliance regime to make sure that people who disobey the r...

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Bob referred to earlier in this week, when the Prime Minister made an excellent speech about the future strategy for benefits. The key issue that he made clear was that work will always pay but that benefits would be available for those who cannot work. Incredibly, the Labour party opposes a benefit cap and set up, when in government, a huge and complicated system of benefits. Bob Blackman requested a debate on the future strategy for benefits, so that we can pin down, once and for all, where th...

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House of Lords Reform Bill: New Clause 4 — Voting procedure

Bob supported Clause 4 of the Bill and recognised that if an individual is in a queue to vote before the closing time of 10pm their vote should still count. This matter has been raised on a number of occasions and was again relevant in light of the 2010 General Election. Problems again arise when two elections are held on the same day, for example the 2004 London Mayoral Election and the European Election. Long queues often form and there can be confusion at polling stations.

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Human Rights in Kashmir

Bob spoke during Foreign and Commonwealth questions to ask whether the Minister agrees that there is a massive difference between what is going on in Jammu and Kashmir and in Pakistani-occupied Kashmir.  In Jammu and Kashmir, there is free access for the press, Amnesty International and every other international body that wants access to see what is going on. In Pakistani-occupied Kashmir, what is almost lawlessness still prevails. Bob asked that the problems of the region as a whole are be...

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Director’s Pay

Bob asked the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills to confirm that high-performing individuals in successful companies that perform within the proper corporate governance have nothing to fear from proposals regarding Director’s pay, but that those companies that do not follow best practice clearly do have something to fear. Bob asked whether the Government are proposing guidance on what would be best practice. To read this debate in full, Read More →

Civil Service Reform

In Cabinet Office questions, Bob drew The Rt. Francis Maude MP’s attention to the inquiry being conducted by the Communities and Local Government Committee, looking into the operation of mutuals and co-operatives, and other forms of working. The evidence is still coming in, but it is clear that such arrangements lead to better services, more job satisfaction, and innovation. However, in order to go forward, people need support: they need financial backing, and they need to be encouraged to tak...

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European Championships

In questions to the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Bob asked The Rt. Hon William Hague MP if he welcomes the fact that the England team went to Auschwitz-Birkenau ahead of the tournament to bring home to people, in eastern Europe in particular, the horrors of the Nazi atrocities? Bob concluded that this was a welcome respite from some of the terrible things we have heard about in Ukraine.To read this debate in full, Read More →

Electoral Registration and Administration Bill

Bob spoke during the debate on the Electoral Registration and Administration Bill about the variety of people attempting to register for a number of elections. The experience in Harrow is that a large number of people from eastern Europe get on the electoral register even though they are not British citizens and are not qualified to vote in our general elections.  

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