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Andrew Percy MP

Mayoral Elections

At Business questions, Bob welcomed the fact that voter turnout in London was 7% above the national average, and congratulated Mayor Boris Johnson on his re-election and Ken Livingstone on his retirement from front-line politics. Bob then asked for a debate on devolving much more power to the Mayor of London so that Londoners can fully see and feel the benefit of having Boris Johnson as our Mayor.To read this debate in full, Read More →


At Business questions, Bob raised that, during the Easter recess, the Government released £600 million for new primary places across England and Wales.  £382 million has gone to London; £30 million has gone to the London Borough of Brent, which is extremely welcome—but when Bob looked for the allocation to the London Borough of Harrow, he found that it was zero. Bob then made a series of phone calls to find out who was responsible, only to discover that the incompetent Harrow Council h...

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Prime Minister’s Questions

Bob pointed out that, after weeks of ducking and diving, Ken Livingstone has given a partial publication of his tax affairs. Sadly, he refuses to publish the tax affairs of Silveta, the company he set up to avoid paying his fair share of tax. Bob asked the Prime Minister if he agrees that Ken Livingstone has ceased to be the Old Pretender and has now become the Artful Dodger.   To read this debate in full, Read More →

Racism in the Metropolitan Police Force

Bob pointed out that the vast majority of serving Metropolitan police officers abhor racism in all its forms, but clearly there are still pockets of concern. Bob asked the Home Secretary what discussions have taken place with the commissioner on protecting whistleblowers who bring such matters to the attention of senior police officers, because officers must be protected and feel confident about reporting misdeeds.To read this debate in full, Read More →

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Bob asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he plans to re-establish the euro preparations unit within his Department, what was the cost of this unit while it existed and what could that money have provided in key services instead of being wasted?  To read this debate in full, Click Here

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Westminster Hall Debate on Regeneration

Bob spoke during a Westminster Hall debate on regeneration and the CLG Committee’s recent report in response to the Government’s published strategy.

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Abu Qatada

Further to the statement made by the Home Secretary, Bob asked the Secretary of State what estimate she been given of the time it will take before the European Court of Human Rights determines whether this case is to be heard and how long will it take before this case is taken, if the Court accepts it?To read this debate in full, Click Here

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Cigarette Packaging

During a debate on the future of cigarette packaging, Bob noted that the tobacco industry has been deliberately marketing its products to young people in the form of lipsticks, CD covers, thins and other ways that attract young people to take up smoking, which they can then never cure, and made clear his concern at this development and the need to take action. To read this debate in full, Click Here

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