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Andrew Percy MP

Cigarette Packaging

During a debate on the future of cigarette packaging, Bob noted that the tobacco industry has been deliberately marketing its products to young people in the form of lipsticks, CD covers, thins and other ways that attract young people to take up smoking, which they can then never cure, and made clear his concern at this development and the need to take action. To read this debate in full, Click Here

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Education Questions

In questions to the Under Secretary of State, Bob welcomed the vast increases in the number of apprenticeship places but noted that small business in particular are finding it difficult to take people on and asked what is being done to assist small business in this matter. To read this debate in full, Click Here

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Debate on the Budget

Bob welcomed the move to raise the tax thresholds to take me people out of tax, more people having more money in their pockets and the freedom to spend that money, is a thoroughly conservative means of governing. Bob called for measures in the next Budget that increase the tax threshold at which people pay 40%, so that those on reasonably well-paid jobs can gain substantially as the economy improves.

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Growing Places Fund

In Business, Questions, Bob drew attention to the excellent measures announced in the Budget yesterday which provided £70 million of additional funding for London for the growing places fund, which will help Mayor Boris Johnson produce 200,000 new jobs over the next four years. That brings into sharp contrast the choices before Londoners on 3 May. Bob called for an urgent debate on those choices. To read this debate in full, Read More →

Oral Answers to Questions — Leader of the House: Budget Leak Inquiry

In questions to David Gauke MP regarding the Budget leak Inquiry, Bob asked why, with so much information provided in advance, did the the Leader of the Opposition get it so spectacularly wrong?To read this debate in full, Click Here

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Education Projects in Nigeria

Further to his recent visit to Nigeria on behalf of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Education For All, Bob initiated an important debate to discuss education projects in the country. The visit was aimed at understanding how Nigeria is addressing major educational challenges, specifically in terms of the education of girls and community involvement in education. The delegration also took the opportunity to meet Nigerian politicians as well to see the impact of British involvement on t...

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Business of the House

During Business Questions, Bob asked for an urgent statement on the operation of London Transport during the London Olympics and Paralympics. All tube workers have been offered an £850 bonus because they will be required to work at short notice and possibly for longer hours, but members of the Unite union have rejected this and are calling for a no-strings-attached bonus just for turning up for work. Bob asked for a debate so that we can expose this intransigence.To read this link in full, Read More →

London Local Authorities Bill

As a member of the Communities and Local Government Committee, Bob welcomed the opportunity to speak during the debate on the London Local Authorities Bill. Bob noted a number of topics discussed during the Third Reading, including that of turnstiles on public toilets, and the sale of cars on the internet. Bob expanded on this issue and explained that, at present, if people sell cars on the public highway and put notices in the cars, that is an offence and action can be taken. However, if unscru...

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